Versatile SyncSeer™ is an
Enterprise Communication Channel Innovative

It acts as a nervous system, collecting information from the edge of the network
and aggregating it in one place where it can be analyzed and acted upon.

Venue Management
The SyncSeer Venue Management System provides the real time visibility,SSVM-Booth-150x150 interactivity and responsiveness needed to manage incidents and the necessary reporting for large public facilities (stadiums, arenas, malls, theme parks, etc.) in a safer and more efficient manner. By leveraging the SyncSeer Intelligent Event Processing™ engine, the system delivers a scalable and flexible approach to handle rapidly occurring incidents, no matter the size or type of venue, while providing a full historical log of what transpired.

Today's healthcare environment is as complex as any enterprise and always evolving. With a vast array of technologies, assets, patients and compliance requirements, enterprise visibility is a key factor to success. The Versatile SyncSeer solution, with its flexible approach to data and systems integration, is ideally suited to harness the disparate data that courses through the devices and systems in these facilities.

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