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End of Life Equipment Management

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You've decided to upgrade your technology!

Congratulations! But what do you do with all the old equipment? Does it have confidential information on it? How much of it still has value? How much is just electronic waste? Can any of it be recycled? How can you tell?

With Versatile's End Of Life program, we'll ensure that your old equipment is disposed of properly. We'll delete your proprietary software and data. We'll determine the value of the equipment—if any—and apply it towards your new equipment. And, if it has no value, we'll make sure it is properly recycled.

Hardware Buy-Back

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Did you know Versatile Mobile buys old ruggedized equipment? We offer generous trade-in value when you buy new equipment from us, that's true, but we'll also buy your surplus equipment for cash. Equipment value varies according to the manufacturer, device type, condition and market availability, so contact your Versatile representative to find out how much your equipment is worth. 

Equipment Consignment

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Equipment consignment may be the perfect way to make the most out of your retired devices. We'll store your old devices, and offer them for sale. When we sell your devices we'll split the proceeds with you. 

EOL Options

  • Trade-in allowances
  • Buy-back programs
  • Consignment programs
  • Software and data erasure
  • Electronic recycling

Versatile Intro

  • 23 years in business
  • Certified repair technicians
  • State-of-the-art tech lab
  • New and used equipment sales
  • Replacement batteries
  • Mobile sales software
  • One stop mobile technology source
  • Serving North America since 1993

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