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Android DEX by Versatile

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Do you need the reliability of ruggedized handheld computers, but you want access to the possibilities presented by the Android OS, like turn-by-turn directions?  Let’s face it; your operation is too big to rely on consumer grade phones or tablets. You can’t be replacing equipment all the time just because a driver sat on his device and broke it. We understand that, so we have partnered with Honeywell to present the CN51 with Versatile DEX on Android.

With the CN51, you get the best of both worlds: rock solid equipment with the latest Android OS. With Versatile DEX on Android, your delivery drivers can deliver to customers requiring DEX, and print invoices for customers who don't DEX, you can literally run your entire delivery route system from Versatile DEX. 

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Free White Paper: OS Strategy for Mobile Computers 

DEX on Android


For over nearly thirty years the UCS DEX protocol has been the industry standard for electronic invoice delivery at the retailer's loading dock. Unfortunately DEX has always required expensive ruggedized mobile computers to make the system work. With equipment costs ranging from $1500 to $4000 per route, this huge capital expenditure put DEX out of reach of most small to mid-range distributors. While economies of scale and distributed cost of fleet maintenance make ruggedized equipment the right choice for the largest distributors, they have yet to make economic sense for companies with fewer drivers. Unfortunately, without the ability to DEX, smaller distributors were often locked out of the national retail grocery chains. 

Now Versatile DEX on Android makes it possible to DEX from low cost Android tablets and Smartphones. We've made DEX available to everyone, whether you have one driver or a thousand-and-one drivers who need to DEX, we have a solution for you. To request a demo, click on the get started button on the right.

DEX on Android:

  • View, open and edit Invoices
  • Save adjustment reason codes
  • Send multiple invoices in one session
  • Supports DEX dueling
  • Print invoices
  • Signature capture
  • 5010 Sunrise Compliant
  • Backwards compatible to 4010

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