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DEX Electronic Invoice Delivery System

Windows DEX Software

For over 20 years DEX (Direct EXchange) has been the industry standard for electronically delivering invoices at the retailer's receiving dock. We've been writing DEX software for more than 15 years, so we're pretty good at it.

Increasingly, large retailers like Safeway, Krogers, and Publix require their vendors to use DEX. Whether you DEX to one major customer or all of your customers, Mobiquity DEX will speed up and simplify your DSD (Direct Store Delivery) process. No more waiting to use the store's DEX device, and no more manual invoice entry. 

We realize that each business is different, so we've built a DEX solution that is flexible enough to adapt to your business rules. 

Do you have one or two major customers who require you to DEX, but all of your other customer accept paper invoices? We have you covered. Mobiqiuty DEX gives you the option to print invoices, so you can use our DEX system to deliver to all your customers. Now you can serve your entire customer base, delivering both DEXed and printed invoices. You can even add products to invoices, change quantities and make adjustments.Now On Android

With Mobiquity DEX your drivers can get into the store, DEX their invoices and get on with their jobs.

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